Target New Customers

Share your greatest moments with people waiting to discover you through strategic targeting

Grow your Influence

Share your experience and reach like-minded global audiences

Connect Locally

Local business seek local exposure. Target key customers in your local area and let them know you are open for business

Strategies that increase your ROI

Reduce the cost of new customer acquisition, customer retention and your general ad spend with simple and effective strategies

Digital Marketing Partner of Choice

Social media offers a unique opportunity to market and grow your business online. Together facebook and Instagram have over 3 billion active monthly users and the tools and opportunities to target and acquire new customers and connect with existing customers are vast for those positioned to explore these opportunities. Augmented Marketing Pro is the Digital Marketing partner of choice for online business. We are a "safe pair of hands" that look after research, the formulation of strategy and the implementation of solutions practical that increase your Social Media return of Investment leaving you free to focus on running your business.

what we do

Strategic Audience Targeting

Targeting increases engagement and conversions. Getting it wrong can be costly and time-consuming to remedy. We have helped clients increase Reach & Discoverability by 1700% in some cases.

Boost Visibility & Discovery

Grow fast organically with increased impressions and leverage the automation Social Media offers to help you find new customers, increase sales and connect and engage followers

Proactive Account Monitoring & Reporting

We manage your risks & protect your account. Monitoring is an essential part managing your risks and reputation and includes opportunities for improvement and spam filtering

Branding & Profile Development

Branding requires effective positioning and the design and effective delivery of a brand experience in accordance with your vision, mission and ethos. Who are you? What are you about? Let us help you leave your mark

Account Reviews

Putting in a lot of effort, but not quite getting the results? Account reviews are a great way to identify problem areas and get practical recommendations for  getting you back on track and optimising performance.

DM & Outreach Campaigns

DM Campaigns are a great way to do so. Target & engage audiences in realtime about new, initiatives, or the launch of a new product, or service. Partner with us to manage your campaign to secure leads & boost conversions.


Experience our 'Same-Time' Campaigns

Imagine the power of having 30 plus accounts posting about your business to their followers on the day you launch. We manage and roll-out our patented 'same-time' campaigns with our micro-influencer network of over 1 million users. Do not leave money on the table, contact us to discover how 'same-time' campaigns can double-down your Social Media efforts.

Finger-licking worthy content

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video like this will make a thousand mouths water. Give your customers a taste of what they are missing

Putting your best foot forward

Work with experienced influencers and content creators to spread the word and tell others just how awesome you are

Don't just tell them. Show them

Nothing tells a good story quite like a video to show case your brand, venue or unique experience



Our Explore services designed to get you started on the way to growing your influence online. Competitively priced and comprising a collection of powerful tools to get you on your way.

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Grow fast with less hassle. Experience powerful online brand building without all the work. The managed suite of services includes quality content creation and curation. 

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We have a carefully selected suite of services curated by our account growth specialists designed to fast-track your social media experience and growth journey. 

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You will be assigned a dedicated growth specialist who will review & fine-tune targeting to maximise organic growth.


Watch growth happen. We'll drive traffic your way All you have to do is sit back watch growth happen!


Wow! Really happy with the steady growth we have seen since we started. Thank you.

Anna, London

Whereas we used to have to make time for reaching out to people for partnering opportunities, it is now the other way around because our visibility has grown so much.

Dirk, Amsterdam

I was blown over by the increase in discoverability you were able to achieve just in the first week alone. Amazing!

Ben, Bristol

My favourite part of all this is the management service. It has saved me so much in time, cost. I have been able to redeploy my team members on other tasks.

Sadia, London

Augmented indeed! The difference between before and after is like night and day. Keep it up!

Lucinda, New York

I am just waiting for you to introduce new services. Happy with everything I have experienced to date!

Saskia, Kiev

Best thing I ever did was to sign up for the free trial. I didn't know what you could do differently, but I was very impressed

Laurence, Paris

I don't understand fluffy words, but I believe numbers and the number speak for themselves

Christian, Berlin

Un servizio fantastico! Avete fatto tutto la differenza per me. Grazie molte!

Alessia, Rome

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